According to the World Economic Forum, the main skill that people should have in 2020, we are in 2021, is Problem Solving. For CEOs or Executive Directors that need is even greater.

The immediate reaction of our body when faced with a Problem is a stress that causes the hypothalamus to incite the secretion of adrenaline to increase the heart rate, raise blood pressure and increase energy supplies. At the same time our body secretes cortisol, the main stress hormone, which increases sugars in the bloodstream, improves the use of glucose in the brain and increases the availability of substances that repair tissues.

However, not having a method to face and solve a Problem generates a stress trap from which we emerge only when intuitively, many times from previous experience, we make a decision on how to face it. Then comes a different stress caused by the implementation of the strategy that we have decided to apply.

This Course will help you solve problems by applying cognitive skills, methods and techniques that will help you immediately get out of the stress trap produced by not knowing a strategy to deal with them. So you can put all your energy and effort in solving them.